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[Video 001]

[The camera flashes on to Spain sitting at the desk, staring at it for a moment, before he picks up one of the pictures that he received from the staff for his 'birthday'.]

This isn't me.

[He tosses it away, picking up another one and repeating himself. He goes through about a dozen pictures, getting to the one of a young man and woman standing together on their wedding day, and he repeated himself vehemently.]

This isn't me.

[Next is the picture from this man's daughter. His hands are shaking, and he casts it aside. Then, the rosary from this man's wife, which he rattles, before slamming it on the desk. Then the letter he just received.]

This is cruel to them. I won't be a part of this.

[He glances off to the side, then picks up the guitar he received. He winds one of the tuning pegs, winds it and winds it and winds it tight until the fragile string snaps and curls up toward the headstock. He lowers his, his shoulders shaking a little bit, breathing ragged and the room silent otherwise.]

We are as cruel as the people keeping us here for taking these things from the people they're meant for.
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